Why is Maintaining Your Tires Important?

Maintaining your Ford with regularly scheduled maintenance is the best way to keep your car, truck, or SUV running optimally and to ensure its long life. You may not think of tires when you think of regularly scheduled maintenance, but they are an important part of your vehicle that plays a major part in your vehicle's safety and performance. Monitoring your tires to ensure they have enough tread is one way to further commit to your safety and the safety of those you travel with. If you're not sure about checking your tread or think you might need new tires, stop by and let Fox Ford Lincoln evaluate your tires for you.

How Does Tread Help to Keep You and Your Passengers Safe?

Tire tread is the most important part of your tires, and it's the feature that helps your tires perform well in different weather conditions. The grooves in the tire create channels that move water away from the car so it can make contact with the road, thus increasing traction and reducing the risk of hydroplaning. When the grooves are too worn, the tires can't get enough traction and can result in very dangerous driving conditions.  The same is true of driving in snow on bald tires; the tread pattern on your tires creates edges that allow it to dig into the snow and get more traction. If you drive on a bald tire in snow, you'll have a much more difficult time stopping. Even on dry roads, you're more likely to experience a blowout or puncture a tire when you drive on bald tires, which compromises the safety of you and your passengers. That's why it's so important to monitor and maintain your tires, replacing them when necessary.

Visit Fox Ford Lincoln in Chicago, IL for All of Your Tire Needs

Our tire center stocks a range of brands so that we can find the perfect size and tread for your vehicle. Whether you drive a Ford Explorer, Fiesta, Taurus, F-150, Expedition, Escape, or fusion,  we have an unbeatable selection of tires at different price and performance points. Our factory-trained technicians will expertly install your new tires, perform an alignment and balance, and then you can drive with confidence knowing your tires are in great shape. Stop by Fox Ford Lincoln and let us evaluate your tires and help you maintain them so you can drive your Ford with confidence. We look forward to serving you at Fox Ford Lincoln.