It's always important to know the value of your assets, particularly when it comes to your vehicle. An upgrade isn't always something that's planned, so it's important to know exactly what you can get to plan your budget accordingly. However, getting the best value for your ride is easier said than done – unless, of course, you come to Fox Ford of Chicago.

Why Choose a Cash Offer from Fox Ford of Chicago

Drivers around Lincoln Park and Logan Square looking for the most efficient and effective way to maximize their vehicle's value need only contact the experts at Fox Ford of Chicago. Our dealership is built on transparency with our customers. We'll use our resources to scour the region for the best value for your vehicle considering how well it has been maintained.

One of the biggest benefits to coming to us is that an appraisal is free and takes just minutes to get. Our Appraisal Manager will walk through a carefully choreographed process to get you an appraisal as soon as possible, and then it's up to you what you want to do from there. Every appraisal comes with no obligation, so you can walk away if you choose with no cost or penalty.

Make Your Next Purchase or Lease Easier with a Cash Offer

If you decide to accept our appraisal, you can use it towards the purchase or lease of your next ride. The more you put in upfront for your down payment, the more palatable your monthly rate will be. Feel free to explore our vast inventory of new, used, and certified pre-owned vehicles, all of which are eligible to have a cash offer or trade-in valuation applied to them.

If you live around Lakeview or Bucktown and are ready to talk cash offers or trade-ins, we're ready to listen. Contact us for more information on what a Fox cash offer can do for you.