Get Ready for Winter Driving with These Tips from Fox Ford Chicago!

Is Your Ford Car, Truck, or SUV Ready for Winter?

Prepping your vehicle for the harsh winters around Chicago is essential. There are a few things you can do to help get ready, like changing your oil, putting on winter tires, checking your fluid levels, and testing your battery. We can easily take care of all of these things for you, so you can get your Ford car, truck, or SUV ready to handle anything that Lincoln Park winters can throw your way.

Make a Winter Emergency Kit!

This might seem like a silly thing to do, but what if you get caught with a dead battery? Or you find yourself unable to travel in the snowy conditions? You can be as prepared as possible, and the unexpected still happens. We have a few things to help you make sure that you're as prepared as possible if the unexpected happens to you.

Our suggestions for a simple winter preparedness kit include:

  • A blanket or two. Something warm like fleece or wool.
  • A first-aid kit with bandaids, gauze, ice packs, etc.
  • A flashlight with extra batteries
  • Non-perishable snacks
  • Extra socks, gloves, hats, and even boots if you have the space!
  • Jumper cables
  • Road Flares, reflective cones if you have to stop on a roadside
  • Extra ice-scraper and snow brush

​These are all fairly common items that you can store in your vehicle, just make sure to check the kit before each season to make sure you have fully-charged batteries, and restock any supplies you might have used.

Bring your vehicle in for a pre-winter inspection to make sure that you are as prepared as possible to prevent accidents! Give our service center a call, today and you'll enjoy winter even more knowing your vehicle is as ready as it can be.

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