The 2018 Ford Focus Drive is a Blast for the Experts at Kelley Blue Book

Take it from the pro behind a recent review: "few cars [in the compact class] are as fun to drive."

The Internet arm of the research and evaluation authority,, didn't mince words either, acclaiming the Ford sedan and hatchback duo for more than a gloss-over of its agile driving dynamics. Our Chicago Ford dealer surely knows the new Ford Focus for what it is: mannerly, refined, yet lacking in neither steering response nor quickness. That's owing to a 160-horsepower, 2.0-liter, four-cylinder engine that is, KBB echoed, plainly "strong." In models like the new Focus S and SEL, it's standard.

Of course, plenty more made the cut to appreciate. Models such as the new Focus SEL and Titanium amp the offering with a blend of luxury and performance, showcasing elements like a sport suspension and big tires. Topping the KBB commentator's list, however, was a 252-horsepower variant, the new Focus ST, getting a swift accolade: an "impressive piece of work ... fast, fun and comfortable." The new Focus RS trim joined its sib, too, thanks to its 350-horsepower powerhouse and all-wheel-drive system -- a "new benchmark," the author said, for small cars with performance aspirations.

Other praises rained down, too, for everything from the compact car's interior to its good-looking, energetic, and well-proportioned style -- "hot" for the ST trim, Kelley Blue Book asserted, and "red-hot" for the RS. Moreover, for its fuel economy, with high mileage -- an estimated 30 mpg in the city and 40 mpg down the highway when manual-equipped -- made possible by a turbocharged 1.0-liter, three-cylinder engine, standard in Focus SE.

Finally, affordability got a nod. Purchase a new 2018 Ford Focus S here in the Chicago area, and you can expect to invest around $19,000 MSRP, with the hatchback model weighing in at only $2,500 more or so. Going high-octane with a Ford Focus ST? It's approximately $26,000. The all-electric crowd can even take home a new Focus EV for about $30,000, a figure that goes the extra mile in the segment -- and it's offered in all 50 states, too, unlike most electric vehicles, much to the delight of the eco-conscious. The line-topping RS enters the fray around $42,000, a cost-effective investment for high-powered sports car thrills. And of course, this isn't to mention Ford leasing, great for those looking to check out the whole lineup over time inexpensively.

Eager to see for yourself what all the authoritative talk's about? You can, from the driver's seat of a brand-new 2018 Ford Focus right here at Fox Ford Lincoln. We're just around the corner here at 2501 North Elston Avenue!

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