How Ford is Working to Make Phantom Traffic Jams a Thing of the Past with Adaptive Cruise Control

If you've ever driven on a highway before, you've likely experienced a phantom traffic jam. You're driving along at a nice speed, maintaining a safe distance, and you see brake lights ahead of you. You apply the brakes to maintain your safe distance, and then suddenly you slow or even come to a stop. Once traffic gets going again you expect to see some reason why traffic slowed, like construction or an accident, but there's nothing. These are called phantom traffic jams, and with new technology from Ford, we're working harder to rid our lives of this annoying traffic condition.

How Can Adaptive Cruise Control Help?

Adaptive cruise control (ACC) continually monitors traffic speed and adjusts your vehicles speed accordingly. Drivers are well, human, and their reaction times are slower than the ACC systems, and often times when you apply the brakes you overcompensate to avoid hitting the car in front of you, thus causing a ripple effect of braking.

Ford has worked with Vanderbilt University to study these phantom traffic jams and discovered that ACC can effectively prevent these phantom traffic jams. Ford vehicles that offer adaptive cruise control:

  • Edge
  • Explorer
  • Escape
  • F-150 - acc with stop-and-go also available
  • Super Duty
  • Flex
  • Taurus
  • Mustang
  • Expedition - acc with stop-and-go
  • Fusion - acc with stop-and-go

There are plenty of options in the Ford car, truck, and SUV lineup of vehicles that offer this helpful feature, and with more vehicles with ACC on the road, phantom traffic jams can become a thing of the past. Browse through our online inventory today to find your new Ford vehicle and see how adaptive cruise control can improve your daily commute, today!

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