2017 Ford Raptor Chicago IL Review

2017 Ford Raptor

2017 Ford Raptor Chicago IL Review

For the adventurous drivers who plan to travel off the beaten path, the 2017 Ford Raptor promises to get them excited. Although the ultra-rugged pickup truck has been off the market for a few years, Ford is bringing it back for the 2017 model year. The Raptor's muscular design and available high-tech features make it a great choice. Remember, you can request 2017 Ford Raptor information from Fox Ford. To find out more facts about this exciting vehicle, continue to read this 2017 Ford Raptor Chicago IL review.


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Ford Raptor Interior Like its predecessor, the all-new 2017 Ford Raptor will feature a very nice interior. Because of the truck's full-size dimensions, tall individuals will have more than enough legroom. Drivers can store plenty of extra stuff in the large center console. By taking advantage of the multi-position driver's seat, everyone will be able to obtain a perfect view of the road ahead. Experts anticipate that a great deal of technology will be offered for the new Ford Raptor. While behind the wheel, drivers will quickly notice the gauge cluster's customizable display. Meanwhile, the SYNC infotainment system is colorful and very easy to navigate. If desired, music lovers can opt for a high-powered sound system as well. Ford is destined to offer a significant number of exciting options. To stay updated on the latest developments, contact your Fox Ford Chicagoland truck sales and service department.


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Ford Raptor Exterior

While reading this 2017 Ford Raptor Chicago IL review, feel free to check out the pre-production model's pictures. In comparison to the previous version, the 2017 Ford Raptor will have a noticeably wider stance. Not only does the truck's extra width help promote better handling, but it also makes the Raptor look even more athletic than before. Blacked-out exterior trim gives the truck a sinister appearance that demands attention. A pair of beautiful headlights provide the latest Raptor an additional degree of flair. Instead of keeping the regular F-150's hood, Ford's engineering team equipped the Raptor with a vented hood. The Raptor's aggressive stance and flared fenders also help it to stand apart from the typical pickup truck. Although all of the available paint colors have yet to be revealed, the prototype's blue paint job dazzled onlookers at the Detroit Auto Show. Furthermore, test versions have already been spotting cruising along the highway. Your Fox Ford Chicagoland truck sales and service team will let you know about the available accessories. 

Chicagoland 2017 Ford Raptor Information and NEWS
Ford Raptor Powertrain

In terms of its power source, Ford decided to go an entirely different route. Instead of using a traditional V-8 engine, the Ford's performance division went with a turbocharged V-6 engine. The EcoBoost engine will develop even more horsepower and torque. Inside sources estimate that the turbocharged Raptor could push out at least 450 horsepower. Keep in mind that the old Raptor developed a muscular 411 horsepower. When hauling a heavy load, the extra muscle will certainly come in handy. Fortunately, the new version is more than just a capable off-road machine. A "Street" mode will enable the 2017 Ford Raptor to deliver a very electrifying performance on the pavement. This should be good news for the drivers who are seeking the ultimate amount of fun. Although there has been a great deal of speculation about the transmission, an automatic gearbox is likely to come standard. However, it will likely feature more gears than the previous model. Don't forget to request 2017 Ford Raptor information from Fox Ford. 

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Ford Raptor Mechanical

As anticipated, the new Ford Raptor will come standard with a capable 4WD system. When traveling in a rugged environment, the 4WD system can be adjusted for the specific type of terrain. All versions will feature a locking rear differential. Because of the truck's lighter weight, it is expected to deliver a more agile performance on and off the road. A thick skid plate will effectively protect the undercarriage from rocks and tree stumps. Like its predecessor, the new Ford Raptor comes standard with a special set of all-terrain tires. From muddy river beds to sand-filled trails, the new Raptor is built to overcome a variety of different landscapes. High-performance shock absorbers enable the Raptor to speed down an off-road path. While the truck's official towing capacity has not been revealed, Ford fans can expect to be very impressed. Your Fox Ford Chicagoland truck sales and service department will offer all of the necessary towing gear. Feel free to request 2017 Ford Raptor information from Fox Ford. 

Ford Raptor Safety

You can look forward to an outstanding amount of crash protection. The Raptor's high-strength frame will help keep its passengers secure at all times. While the new Raptor has not been crash tested by the federal government, it is expected to have a better overall safety rating than the last generation. A set of high-performance brakes will ensure superior stopping power. If you desire enhanced visibility when maneuvering the truck around, you can opt for a 360-degree camera system. Although this 2017 Ford Raptor Chicago IL review provides several important facts, a lot more details will released in the near future. You can always request 2017 Ford Raptor information from Fox Ford. Based on its prototype, the new Ford Raptor will take its legacy to the next level.

*The above information is regarding the base model
2017 Ford Raptor. Standard specs and features may change from year to year. Contact our dealership with any questions regarding the new or used vehicle you're inquiring about.