2017 Ford GT Chicago IL Review

2017 Ford GT

2017 Ford GT Chicago IL Review

The upcoming 2017 Ford GT has a lot of sports car fans on the edge of their seat. Featuring a number of high-tech racing technologies, the new Ford GT promises to be one of the most exciting high-performance rides that you can buy. While the stunning car has yet to officially hit the market, its prototype has already caused a big stir in the automotive world. Aside from the GT's mesmerizing performance, it also looks even more dazzling than its predecessor. After reading this 2017 Ford GT Chicago IL review, don't hesitate to visit your local dealer's website. You will be able to request 2017 Ford GT information from Fox Ford. 


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Ford GT InteriorLike a purebred race car, the new Ford GT will feature a very driver-focused interior. Not only does the car's race-inspired steering wheel give the cabin an exciting character, but it also comes in handy when taking laps around the track. Most of the car's most important controls are mounted directly on the steering wheel. Behind the steering wheel sits a customizable LCD gauge cluster. Meanwhile, a pair of shift paddles allows you to control the automated manual gearbox. In an effort to reduce weight and free up additional interior space, Ford opted to use an electronic parking brake. Drivers will also like the integrated sport seats. In contrast to some of the other modern day sports cars, the GT's seats provide the driver with a direct connection with the car itself. Because of the coupe's high-performance design, owners will not have access to a backseat. Your Fox Ford Chicagoland sports car sales and service team will outline all of the available options. However, remember to request 2017 Ford GT information from Fox Ford. 


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Ford GT Exterior

Car enthusiasts will notice that the 2017 Ford GT shares a lot of styling cues with the previous model. However, the new version has a sleeker and more modern appearance. The GT's extremely low stance and wide profile will immediately attract a lot of attention. Featuring a pair of ducts, the hood takes the car's aggressiveness to the next level. Circular taillights pay homage to the original model. To ensure that the new Ford GT sounds amazing, it has been designed with large exhaust outlets. Ford spent a lot of time and effort in making the new GT as aerodynamic as possible. An exclusive hybrid windshield actually helps reduce the car's center of gravity. As expected, a set of lightweight wheels further enhance the car's style and performance capabilities. Your Fox Ford Chicagoland sports car sales and service department will announce the available paint colors. After reading this 2017 Ford GT Chicago IL review, feel free to check out the pre-production pictures.

Ford GT Powertrain

There were many people who fell in love with the previous model's V-8 engine. However, the new EcoBoost V-6 engine could surpass its popularity. The twin-turbo engine will churn out more than 600 horsepower. The engine's reinforced structure will enable it to handle the rigors of a race track. A larger cooling unit will also help keep the turbochargers from overheating. Although a traditional manual gearbox is not available, the seven-speed automated manual gearbox is designed to offer blistering-fast shifting. When accelerating on the open road, drivers can look forward to experiencing an instant adrenaline rush. While the official performance numbers have yet to be revealed, sports car fans can anticipate a very quick 0-60 time. Your Fox Ford Chicagoland sports car sales and service team will keep you informed on all of the latest developments. 

Ford GT Mechanical

The new Ford GT carries around less mass than the previous generation. Ford engineers constructed the car's body using a great deal of carbon fiber. This should equate to a much more athletic performance on the street and at the track. Instead of developing a new AWD system, Ford chose to stick with a traditional RWD setup. Rear-wheel-drive sports cars are typically easier to maneuver around a race course. This is especially true for the high-performance track cars that develop a lot of horsepower. In terms of handling, the 2017 Ford GT will be among the most balanced sports cars in the world. The innovative suspension can quickly adjust to the specific type of road surface. When traveling at high speeds, an active rear spoiler will help the GT to remain stable. A variety of other advanced technologies will also be featured on the new GT, including a multi-mode drive system.

Review of the 2017 Ford GT from Fox Ford Chicago
Ford GT Safety

Ford didn't overlook the new GT's safety. The car's high-strength frame and built-in roll bars will provide constant protection. Unsurprisingly, an advanced traction and stability control system comes standard. Whether dodging obstacles on the road or blasting around the track, the high-performance brakes will surely come in handy. In the event of a sudden crash, you and your passenger will be surrounded by a well-designed airbag system. As you can see by reading this 2017 Ford GT Chicago IL review, Ford fans have a lot to look forward to in the near future. To stay updated on the ground-breaking automobile, be sure to request 2017 Ford GT information from Fox Ford. The entire automotive world is waiting for the new 2017 Ford GT to finally hit the street.

*The above information is regarding the base model
2017 Ford GT. Standard specs and features may change from year to year. Contact our dealership with any questions regarding the new or used vehicle you're inquiring about.